Advocacy Checklist

Printable Version of the Advocacy Checklist –    Advocacy Checklist for Committees 4

Advocacy Checklist for Committees –  Advocacy Opportunities

Activity Based Questions

Who is the beneficiary for the activity?

Has a spiel been prepared about the service project beneficiaries? (for media, welcome speech, advertising, static displays)  Have you involved the PR committee?

Have members (outside the organizing committee) been given the chance to become involved in the activity if they have specific skills, interests or contacts?

Have beneficiaries been invited to attend so they have the chance to network and promote their cause?

Are there particular people who can be invited who may be a good contact for the beneficiaries?

Have beneficiaries been given the chance to display promotional material?

Have we spoken with service projects about help with advocacy?  (What would they like help with?)

Will beneficiaries be introduced to possible supporters at the event?

What partnerships can we form that are a good fit with the cause?

(eg. If the event is a fashion parade for QLD Working Women’s Service , is there a women’s company that makes flower arrangements.  If the cause is for QWWS is there a legal firm we can partner with?)

What partnerships can we form that are a good fit with the event?

(eg. If the event is about art, is there a wine or cheese company that we can partner with? If the event is a fashion parade, is there a milliner, dry cleaner, hair salon we can partner with?)

Have beneficiaries been given the chance to bring their supporters?

Is there the opportunity to wear our orange shirts?

Is there the opportunity to highlight the ZI projects and what Zonta does worldwide?

Is there the opportunity to promote membership to our club?

Are there synergies between our service projects?

Are there supporters of our beneficiaries that could promote our event through their databases?

Does the partnership/project agree to report on outcomes to the ZCBB?

Does the partnership have well defined aims and statement of outcomes?

General Club Questions

Do any members have contacts or skills that will assist the work of the beneficiaries?

Can we form partnerships with businesses who can offer services to our projects?

Are there opportunities for us to promote or pass o promotions on our social media?

Can we target some service opportunities that allow us to promote Zonta?

Can members bring opportunities for Club participation in their work endeavours?