Club Decision (By-Laws)

Part Payment of Fees

The following decisions regarding payment of fees have been agreed by the Club:

  • Join May to October – Full fees to be paid and inducted immediately (there are over six month before full fees due again)
  • Join November to January – Half fees to be paid and inducted immediately (there are over three months before fees are due again)
  • Join Feb to April – Wait to put official membership through to Zonta International until the next Zonta year and then full fees to be paid and inducted in June (still to be treated as a member and included on mailing list, join breakfasts and be assigned a committee)

Payment for Members’ Guest Breakfasts

Members must guarantee the payment of the cost of their guest’s breakfast.  It is the members’ decision if they will be reimbursed by their guest.

Payment for Club Guest and Guest Speakers Breakfasts

The Club will cover the cost of the breakfast for up to two guest speakers from the same organisation/group.  If the organisation/group would like to bring further guests, they must cover the cost of further breakfasts.  Members should be given the opportunity to sponsor these added guests.

The Brisbane Club Dress Regulations

The Zonta Club of Brisbane Breakfast does not have dress regulations.  However, our club respects and complies with dress regulations of the venue in which we conduct business.

Please note that The Brisbane Club has dress regulations that we ask our Club Members and Guests to observe.  The latest regulations can be accessed via the following link:

Below is a brief summary of the regulations applicable to our Breakfast Meetings:

The Brisbane Club wishes to ensure that Members, Associate Members and guests feel comfortable within the Club.  However a high standard of dress is required.

Members should make their guests aware of the required dress code before they arrive at the club to avoid any embarrassment.

Not permitted at any time in any part of The Brisbane Club:

Both men and women: jeans, other denim, leather jackets, shorts, runners or other athletic shoes, casual sandals.

Women: strapless dresses or shoe string strap dresses (day only: permitted for evening wear), excessively short skirts, casual or strappy shoes which do not meet the standard of professional dress or smart casual dress as appropriate.

Men: short-sleeved shirts, polo shirts and “Bomber” jackets.

Note: This dress code may be relaxed for a particular function or event in which case members will be advised of the acceptable dress for the occasion.

Mobile Phones

As a courtesy to other members, it is requested that all mobile phones are turned off or placed on silent during breakfast meetings.  If members need to answer their phone, please discretely leave the dining room and take the call in the foyer.

Gifts for Members

Before purchasing gifts on behalf of the Club, please check whether a donation to Zonta International in the members’ name is appropriate in lieu of gift.

The value of the gift should reflect the significance of the event but should not exceed $80 as club funds should be used for service projects and club administration.  Members should be given the opportunity to contribute to the gift purchasing price if a higher amount is needed.

Club Email Policy

Given the high volume of emails that are sent to disseminate information about Zonta, our Club and service projects, the following email policy has been developed to attempt to reduce the number of emails being sent.

Please disseminate direct notices about funding or service for organisations outside of the Club business via the newsletter.  This is distributed at the end of each month, and contributions can be provided to Megan Milne.

Before sending an email, run through the following checklist:

  1. Does the information need to be provided immediately or can it be included in the next Club newsletter or shared at the next committee of Club meeting?
  2. Does the information need to be sent to all Club members or only to a select distribution list?
  3. Is the information relevant to the Club and members?

When sending emails, please identify within the header whether a response is required (RESPONSE REQUIRED) or whether it is for information only (FYI).  This will assist members in focusing on those that need replying and allow them to read the others until they have more time.

Strategies for Maximising Participation

Where possible, automate business.

  1. Automate attendance at breakfast meetings.  The standard booking for all active members is made for which members are automatically charged unless they contact the breakfast organiser at least two days prior to advise they are unable to attend.
  2. Set up committee meetings as a recurring calendar entry.  Assume attendance at committee meetings for all members and those members unable to attend will advise in advance.
  3. Encourage members to establish regular direct debits to pay for breakfasts and membership dues.


  • Speaking face to face at committee or Club meetings allows discussion to occur and ideas/policies/strategic direction to be shaped collectively.
  • If you’re unable to attend a meeting, review the minutes for any relevant information and if clarification or further information is required, follow up with the relevant person directly.  For committee meetings, directly contact the chair to determine if there are any actions you may be able to assist with.
  • Why not phone?  Emails can often get caught up in people’s inbox, so sometimes a phone call is a more effective means of communication.